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    benedict morelli step foot inside a courtroom. Quite a few of those who mostly handle business law matters or estate planning, for example, will not often find themselves arguing cases in court.

    On the other hand, some lawyers focus specifically on taking cases to trial and arguing successfully in front of judges and juries. Well known attorney Benedict Morelli, for example, has built up a long history as an accomplished litigator and is still building on his many past achievements.

    An Early and Enduring Interest in and Aptitude for Litigation

    As often happens, Benedict Morelli showed early promise as a litigator. Signing on as a law clerk at a personal injury practice in the early 1970s, he qualified to take the New York State Bar exam by 1977. As
    morelli law firm practicing lawyer, Morelli rose quickly through the ranks, becoming a full fledged partner in the same firm as a result of his many early successes.

    After becoming a senior partner, Benedict Morelli decided that it was time to set off on his own. Founding his own firm, he honed his legal skills further, developing the ability to construct and argue strong cases in any of a wide variety of legal fields. In doing so, he has obtained million-plus dollar verdicts for many different clients in matters involving issues such as:

    Job discrimination where companies have illegally fired or refused to hire workers on the basis of protected characteristics like race, gender, religion, or age. Considered by many to be some of the most difficult cases to argue, matters like these can nonetheless be of life-changing significance.

    Product liability where the negligence or irresponsibility of drug manufacturers and others can cause serious, lasting harm or even death. As many of these cases hinge on extremely technical issues that must nonetheless be explained simply and clearly to juries, they can also be very difficult to see through successfully.

    False arrests and police misconduct problems where victims can find themselves being harmed by agents of the legal system instead of protected by them. Once again, the sympathy and trust many juries show for police officers can make it exceptionally challenging to convince them that compensation is merited.

    By representing clients in matters like these and others, Benedict Morelli has helped to secure many millions of dollars’ worth of justified judgments and compensation. By being ready and able to argue convincingly in court, he ensures that clients who have been wronged will never need to suffer unnecessarily.