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    If we Would ask a certain number of individuals which is their favorite hobby, there isn’t any doubt that the majority of them will answer with "traveling". In this way we also manage to discover ourselves, although this activity helps not only discovering also the views, cultures and new people. If you are interested to make the most of an unforgettable excursion and to enjoy an experience, we can definitely recommend Pokhara as a destination. With Tibetan Encounter, you have the chance to spend a terrific time in a Tibetan community today, and find, in precisely the exact same time, the amazing cultural life of Tibetans in Nepal.

    This is certainly a very You and special place will love it. The Tibetan culture is rich and you’ve got a good deal of wonders to discover. Are you ready for an unforgettable? Then wait no longer and check out our site. When You select our cultural tours in Pokhara, you will:

    – Take advantage of short trekking tours, it means that you will have from 2 to 3 days in the amazing Pokhara Valley

    – Discover the beautiful Tibetan settlements and to experience the amazing life style from here

    – Enjoy comfortable double and twin rooms

    If you want To get a strategy of our Tibetan Encounter Day Tours, you can ask for a plan on our webpage. On the site, you can even meet your guide and find out details in Pokhara about our tours. There is no doubt as there are lots of amazing views tasty food to try, most hospitable people to meet that you will adore this piece of heaven and you’ll also take advantage of other pleasant surprises here.

    Discover The culture in Pokhara with the best tours here. You can choose our Cultural tours that include: visiting with experience and a monastery the ritual Chanting; enjoying the most tasty Tibetan food meeting with a Tibetan doctor and find out many amazing things about the traditional medicine from here. You need to know that our tours include meals, shuttle service to And from the resort and of course. Our tours are: The morning tours, sunrise and morning tours Tours, day tours that are full and we also have tours. Which one would you choose for your next adventure?

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